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International Women’s Day – Special Edition of the Communications Law Bulletin for CAMLA members


For the third year running, CAMLA is pleased to be publishing a special edition that celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) by placing a spotlight on the many illustrious and diverse contributions of some of our industry’s leading women. Building on the wonderful stories and advice contained in previous IWD special editions, we’re pleased to again be sharing with you a series of short interviews from leaders from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Today is a day to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about discrimination and take action to drive gender parity. The theme of this year’s IWD is #EmbraceEquity. At its heart, equity is about actively supporting inclusion and diversity to collectively impact positive change, both in and outside the workplace. As Her Honour Justice Michelle Gordon AC KC so eloquently puts it, “(e)mbracing equity means accommodating people’s differences, so that everyone is equally able to access the benefits of education, decide what matters to them in life, and take up one or more of the many opportunities we are lucky to have in Australia”.

Editors: Ashleigh Fehrenbach and Eli Fisher

Editorial Assistants: Alana Callus and Lewis Graham

Featured in the 2023 Communications Law Bulletin International Women’s Day Special Edition:

The Hon Justice Michelle Gordon AC KC
The Hon Justice Anna Katzmann SC
The Hon Michelle Rowland MP
Katrina Rathie
Sandra Sully
Natasha Eves
Katherine Giles
Alexandra Britt Barkman
Michelle Gunn
Cate Nagy
Angela Flannery
Justine Munsie
Lauren P.elser
Creina Chapman
Tasha Smithies
Julie Cheeseman
Annabelle Herd
Emily Jackson
Olga Ganopolsky
Anna Johnston
Kiah Officer
Larina Alick
Gina McWilliams
Emma Talbot
Georgie Austin
Zoë Hibbard
Sarah Stone
Jacquie Shanahan
Sarah Hoolahan
Keya McGeown
Alex Morrissey
Clare Gill GAICD
Madeleine James
Alison Shilkin
Priti Pasupuleti
Sunita Bose
Miranda Duigan
Sneha Balakrishnan
Parisa Hart
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