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Meet the CAMLA Board for 2024!


Meet the CAMLA Board for 2024!

CAMLA recently held our AGM and the following positions were filled:
Rebecca Dunn, President
Debra Richards, Vice-President
Dr Martyn Taylor, Vice-President
Julie Cheeseman, Treasurer and Public Officer
Marlia Saunders, Secretary
Eli Fisher, Communications Law Bulletin Editor
Ashleigh Fehrenbach, Communications Law Bulletin Editor

Congratulations to the 2024 committee members:
Sylvia Alcarraz
Christopher Chow
Gillian Clyde
Emma Johnsen
Rebecca Lindhout
Marina Olsen
Nick Perkins
Katherine S.
Calli Tsipidis
Timothy Webb
Nick Kraegen
Tess Mierendorff
Shanna Protic Dib
Jade Tyrrell

We look forward to another big year for CAMLA members in 2024!

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