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CAMLA ESSAY PRIZE 2007 – Winner Announced

Pam Foo, a student at ANU, won first prize with her essay which considered whether Australian law protected against unauthorised use of personal images over the internet. Georgia Lewers, a student at UNSW, was Highly Commended for her essay dealing with the identification of children in criminal proceedings, and Aidan Douglas, Sydney University, was also Highly Commended for his essay titled Peckless Polly, a consideration of loose journalism, corporate giants and defamation. Pam Foo receives a prize of $2,000.00 and a 12 month membership of CAMLA. Georgia Lewers and Aidan Douglas will each receive a 12 month membership of CAMLA. All three essays will be published in future editions of the Communications Law Bulletin.

Peckless Polly Aidan Douglas Loose Journalism, Corporate Giants and the Tightrope of Defamation Law

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